St Boniface

St. Boniface Catholic Church, Robin Lane, 

is served from 

St. Mary & St. Michael's, 
Parish Priest: 
Father Francis Smith, 
The Presbytery, 
Tillman Close, 
Craven Terrace, 
North Yorkshire, 
BD24 9RA

Telephone: 01729 822525


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The parish has its origins in nearby Robert Hall, Tatham, where a priest resided from 1559 all through penal times until a new mission was established at Hornby, in Lancashire. Catholic families in the area were served from there for about 50 years until the first church at Bentham was built in 1866 and the first resident priest appointed in the following year. The present church dates from 1959 and was consecrated by Bishop Konstant on the Feast of St. Boniface, 5th June 1999.

St Boniface interior (from 'Taking Stock')

St Boniface exterior (from 'Taking Stock')

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(The 'Taking Stock' initiative began in 2005 and aims to assess the historical and architectural importance of every Catholic church and chapel within a diocese. The project is a partnership between the Patrimony Committee of the Bishops’ Conference, English Heritage and individual dioceses. It is part-funded by English Heritage.)

Coronavirus Update


As from today (5th November), public Masses have been suspended. Mass will be live streamed 10.00amSunday 10.00am Tuesday 10.00am Wednesday 10.00am Thursday and 12.00pm Friday.

I do plan to open church for private prayer however that is dependent on Stewards being available and prepared to be present. Further info on this to come soon.

Please keep checking the parish website for updates, spiritual and other information.

If you should need anything at all which I can help with please call me on the parish telephone number above.

Take care of yourselves, pray for each other and may God bless you and your families.

Fr. Frank 

    Mass Times at St Mary & St Michael (live streamed through Facebook page RevFrank Smith.)     


        Sunday                                   10.00am

        Tuesday                                  10.00am

        Wednesday                              10.00am

        Thursday                                 10.00am

        Friday                                      12.00pm

Private Prayer

Liz and Alan have agreed to open St Boniface Church from next week on Wednesday from 10.00am to 11.00am for private prayer. If no-one avails themselves of this opportunity then it won't happen during the rest of 'lockdown'.


WEEKLY OFFERTORY - If you have envelopes please save these each week and put them into the collection once church reopens, likewise, if you are a cash giver, OR, you could post your offerings through my door.
OTHER WAYS TO SUPPORT OUR PARISH - To contribute £5 to our parish Offertory, please text: Church Bentham to 70500, you will then get a text thanking you for your donation to the Diocese of Leeds, which they will identify as our parish due to the code Bentham.
OR, make a direct online payment, or set up a standing order. If you have offertory envelopes please quote your envelope number as a reference. Our bank details are: Name: Diocese of Leeds St Boniface, High Bentham
Sort Code: 40-27-15 Account No. 61110403
Many thanks for your continued support and generosity. Fr. Frank